MT 1200

Special Features
  • Flexibility with one model supporting three cellular technologies: GSM/GPRS, 1xRTT, and HSDPA
  • Enhanced location tracking speed and accuracy
  • Accurate driver behavior capture/vehicle motion detection with digital accelerometer/proprietary algorithm for auto-calibration
  • Easy installation with internal or external antenna and convenient Smartphone app
  • Open platform to host TSP app or Smart Agent on board to program specific functions

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Product Description

Open Platform
With the open platform option, the MT 1200 can host software applications from Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), ideal for aftermarket solution providers to port their proprietary code. This open platform is complemented by the MT 1200’s hardware capabilities, including GPS/GLONASS antenna, digital accelerometer, power management processor, and multiple I/O options.

Smart Agent
First released in 1996, the Smart Agent option allows the MT 1200 to be programmed to handle precise vehicle tracking needs, including defining geo-fences, detecting harsh cornering or rapid acceleration, waking the device from low power sleep mode, generating trip reports, or enabling and disabling remote starts.

Simple Installation
With preinstalled hardware features including internal cellular and GPS/GLONASS antennas (or an external antenna connector for hard-to-reach areas) and backup battery, installation of the MT 1200 is simple. Using the Smartphone app to assist with field installation or diagnosis further simplifies and completes the process.

Cloud Management (Optional)
With cloud-enabled N4A™ Device Manager, up to 500,000 MT 1200 devices can be easily managed and monitored around the globe in a cost-efficient and scalable manner. The N4A Device Manager features remote management and monitoring from a central location to configure, monitor, manage, and update the MT 1200 over-the-air.

Vertical Markets
Fleet Management
Service and utility fleets
Local delivery fleets
Municipal and government fleets
Public and private transportation fleets

Insurance Telematics
Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery
User-Based Insurance (UBI), Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance, Behavior-Based Insurance
Teen Tracking
Driver Behavior Monitoring


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