MT 4100

Mobile Tracking Device


  • Flexible application customization through Smart Agent programmable rules and event engine
  • Innovative internal cellular and GPS antenna design
  • Configurable driver behavior reporting, polygon geo-fencing, driver ID, and multiple GPIOs
  • Smart Agent support for Garmin FMI (Fleet Management Interface) v2.6 with speed limit alerts (optional licensed feature)
  • Deep sleep and low power management for 12 V & 24 V passenger cars, trucks, and transit vans worldwide
  • Air interface options: CDMA®2000, and HSDPA

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Product Description

Legacy of Innovation
The MT 4100 from Novatel Wireless is a full-featured telematics solution designed for application providers, system integrators, and enterprise customers to optimize mobile resources and improve their bottom line. The MT 4100 builds upon its predecessors with enhanced performance and additional digital inputs and a spare RS-232 port. Flexible and easy to deploy, the MT 4100 delivers the key product features that drive the most demanding global applications: fleet management, insurance telematics, stolen vehicle recovery, and more.

Next Generation Technology
Once fitted to a vehicle and integrated to a fleet management application, fleet managers see immediate return on investment with improvements in driver productivity and performance throughout the day with instant vehicle location monitoring. The MT 4100 delivers on critical features to drive efficiencies and reduce operational costs offering two serial interfaces, 1-wire driver ID support, multiple GPIO, polygon geo-fencing, driver behavior reporting, optional backup battery, and much more. The MT 4100 also includes optional routing and optimization with Garmin® FMI (Fleet Management Interface) – a key part of today’s most useful, versatile and cost-efficient fleet management solutions.



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