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UltraLock – Lock Seal



  • Supports all rich functionality of the CelloTrack Power such as movement detection, controlling transmission rate, 3 years battery life, IP67 and more.
  • Massive and rugged design, incorporates replaceable rubber bumpers into the seal´s chassis to protect the CelloTrack from harsh blows; making the seal virtually indestructible.
  • A combination of high density plastic and stainless steel structure ensures harsh weather and deterioration resistance through time.
  • Quick and easy installation using an automatic couple to secure the Electronic Wire.
  • Opening/Closing lock detection.
  • And many more Features!

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Product Description

  1. Products Overview

The Trucks and Trailer High Security LOCK SEAL has been specially designed to work together with a CelloTrack Power unit and is based on a rugged, massive, harsh weather resistant lock that protects the CelloTrack unit from harsh blows and enables it to be used in all sorts of security applications; protecting and securing a high number of different assets such as in transit and stored cargo; critical and high value equipment, vulnerable door access, etc.

It´s main purpose is to monitor and control any door intrusion attempt, acting as a high security electronic seal. Through the use of an Electronic Wire Rope, the T&T Lock Seal quickly installs into any type of truck, trailer, warehouse or critical zone doors, and detects the seal´s opening, wire rope cutting o tampering to alert of any unauthorized intrusion attempts. It also helps control and leave evidence of the door´s access events as part of a complete management solution.


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