Micron – AT Plus 3G


  •   Wi-Fi
  •   Super Sensitive GPS
  •   Built in 3-axis Accelerometer for Motion Alert with configurable thresholds
  •   Voltage monitoring and Low Battery notification
  •   Blue Tooth Option
  •   On-board light sensor
  •   On-board temperature sensor
  •   Inductive Charging
  •   Multiple IO’s
  • 2000mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Product Description

Prime AT Plus (3G)

The Prime AT Plus (3G) features superior assisted GPS performance, Wi-Fi tracking, 3-axis accelerometer, a large lithium ion battery, and built in sensors (light and temperature) for 3G cellular networks.

Our most versatile product, the Prime AT Plus (3G) proves beneficial for a wide variety of applications and comes available with multiple accessories.


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