Ultralock – Container Lock

Cellocator approved accessory for: Cello-Track


  • Supports all rich functionality of the CelloTrack Power such as movement detection, controlling transmission rate, 3 years battery life, IP67 and more.
  • Massive and rugged design protecting the CelloTrack from harsh blows.
  • Stainless Steel structure to ensure harsh weather and deterioration resistance throughtime.
  • Opening/Closing lock detection.
  • Manipulation and Tampering detection sensor.
  • Very easy and short (less than 10 seconds) installation process without the need to open the container.
  • Battery charging via external connector .


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Product Description

Product Overview:

The LOCK V4.0 High Security Electronic Container Lock works together with a GSM/GPRS/GPS CelloTrack unit and it ́s based on a rugged, massive, harsh weather resistant container lock that secures the CelloTrack unit from harsh blows and enables it to be quickly and easily installed on the container doors so as to track and monitor through strategically located sensors, any tampering or unauthorized door opening attempts.

LOCK ́s main purpose is to monitor and control cargo containers throughout the whole supply chain without interfering with logistics operations such as authority’s inspections, transport, loading and unloading, etc; since anyone can easily install or uninstall the Lock in less than 10 seconds, without having to open the container for that purpose.


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