How does the ELD affect carrier’s business?

Carriers will become more efficient and gain more time on the road instead of filling and submitting paper logs. They will also avoid paying costly violations. Plan ahead of time and adopt early to smooth your transition process. Carriers must adapt early and reorganize in order to handle less truck capacity and possible driver shortage.

Is it true that the ELD must read engine data?

Yes. The mandate requires the ELD to be integrally synchronized with the vehicle’s ECM

What are the benefits of using an ELD?

The main goal of the ELD mandate is to reduce driver’s fatigue and avoid accidents. But, you will be saving money by not having to file your RODS, using a clerk to file your RODS and eliminating paper log books. While complying with the ELD mandate, other regulations can also be satisfied, including Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and IFTA.

What are the key requirements of the ELD mandate final ruling?

Requires ELD use by commercial drivers who are required to prepare hours-of-service (HOS) records of duty status (RODS). Streamlines ELD functionality and design standards, and requires ELDs to be registered with FMCSA. Prohibits harassment of drivers based on ELD data.

Does an ELD sends violations to the Department of Transportation?

No. An ELD is just an electronic paper logbook and it does not send any violation information to any transportation agency.

How does a driver shows the Logbook to an agent?

The mandate requires a Print/Display option as an initial method of showing the Logbook to the agent. Go to the Logbook option from the main menu, select the specific day you need to show to the agent then select Print/Display from the top right menu. You can show or hand the ELD to the agent.

How can a driver export the ELD data file to the agent?

Go to the Logbook option from the main menu and select Export Data File from the top right menu. There are 3 different options: local, to the law enforcement agent and to the FMCSA online service.

Should the driver keep the ELD inside the vehicle at all times?

It is not required to keep the ELD inside the vehicle but, because duty status changes require ECM synchronization we recommend doing all duty status changes while inside the vehicle.

The driver is switching to a new truck, what should the driver do?

Keep using your ELD. If you can use the same ECM-Link device then you are all set and no additional steps are needed. If the new truck is equipped with an ECM-Link then discover and connect to the new ECM-Link during the login.

What are Diagnostic (D) and Malfunctions (M)?

There is a Diagnostic and a Malfunction indicator in the ELD (letters D and M). A Diagnostic is a temporary failure on the ELD. Tap on the Diagnostic indicator to find out what the problem is. A Malfunction is a more serious problem and indicates issues over time. Tap on the Malfunction indicator to find out the problem and implement corrective actions. It could be freeing internal storage space, reactivating location services, reconnecting to the ECM-Link, among others.

What documentation must be kept inside the truck?

User’s Guide including data transfer mechanism, instruction document describing malfunctions and a supply of blank records of duty status (RODS, paper logs). It could be kept in electronic format.

Which supporting documents must be available?

Bills of lading, itineraries, schedules, dispatch records, expense records, toll receipts.

How can a driver edit an existing record?

Select Logs from the main menu. As per the ELD mandate, driving time cannot be modified. Logs that could be modified have a change icon (with a pencil image, to the right of the screen). Tap on the change icon and make the necessary changes. Tap on Confirm and enter the reason for the record change. Keep in mind that original records cannot be altered. A copy of the original record is created we the changes.

What is the Passenger Seat option (PS)?

The HOS app takes into consideration all passenger seat provisions and calculate ON and OFF duty times for you. You just need to switch to PS and the app will allocate OFF duty time if any period of Sleeper Berth is present.